UnSpun 101 – Dr. Hans Utter: “Reverse-engineering Media Reality Replacement and Mass-Music Occult Initiation” Pt. 2

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UnSpun 101 – Dr. Hans Utter: “Reverse-engineering Media Reality Replacement and Mass-Music Occult Initiation, Pt. 2”


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  3 comments for “UnSpun 101 – Dr. Hans Utter: “Reverse-engineering Media Reality Replacement and Mass-Music Occult Initiation” Pt. 2

  1. John Cokos
    January 27, 2018 at 9:39 am

    A little off topic BUT: get your kool aid from the fridge and dust off your tin foil hat, The mighty Cato Institute had a panel discussion about BURNING MAN, from a Cato Institute point of view. Not sure that they really get IT, but it was informative from a Libertarian point of view:


    • Negen Tropic
      February 10, 2018 at 11:01 pm

      Unfortunately the “Libertarian” point of view makes no allowances for the preservation of culture which is the collective creation of not just “anybody” but only a certain group of individuals who are all part of a GENETIC group that predisposes them to those kinds of creativity. If your family and the cultural framework it was created and operates in is worth preserving, then your extended family which reflects a similar cultural orientation in the win-win dialectic of all see-will-i-zation with you through GENETICS or nature as well as environment or nurture, is even more worth preserving, since it is the source of synergy or group balance which PRESERVES the individual. Atomized individualism is to no one’s benefit, least of all the individual himself and the opposite side of the coin, too much blending into community also narrows the mind too much into familiar concepts that have outgrown their usefulness and need to be renewed through creative work. The balance between the individual and his tribe is KEY if Libertarian theory wants to get out of its rut and really accomplish something outside of their own self-imposed “limited hangout.” Without the balance with the larger group of the extended family or tribe, there is no such thing as a healthy and non-neurotic individual.

  2. Negen Tropic
    February 10, 2018 at 11:09 pm

    The medium is the message because the medium changes the metaphors without which you could not even perceive the message through the correct conceptual ritual or rite (right) in order to produce what Wilson Bryan Key (a close McLuhan associate) used to call a reality-oriented perception or what is t-root-ed in the ground of that conceptual chain of understanding and produces the foundation for all the branches of be-leaf, for better or worse, that arise from it. The true is what gets you “thru.” But what gets you thru has to travel a distance from object to subject through metaphors and symbols and that middle ground is where the parasite steals the energy which then becomes “power” and is symbolized by money.

    In any activity, but especially in activities that involve walking and footwork, the ground and your relationship to the ground in how you balance and align yourself to it is what determines how efficient or elegant those movements will be and how much energy you will have left over for more activity that you would have otherwise wasted if you didn’t take the few seconds to balance and align yourself properly in such a leveraged posture.

    You get your real power from the ground, not your muscles. Your muscles are there not so much to produce power as to insure you get your alignment to the ground right in order to get as much power as possible from the ground, in order to be the best conduit for and attract as graceful an energy flow as possible. It’s the detours and roadblocks in the energy flow in the body created by unbalanced motion, where too much stress is concentrated on one area of muscles, bones and sinews, that create the phenomenon or energy-entanglement of “pain” and “hurt.” Pain happens when and where the energy does not flow gracefully, which is true, of course, even in mental and emotional pain.

    In psychological pain, non-resolved issues and contradictions between one’s consciously designated and professed “more-all” values and one’s deeply implanted subconscious values, which were given entrance one way or another throughout life since childhood, create detours or emotional knots between thoughts, impulses and feelings that would otherwise be integrated, greased and joyfully flowing within a more-or-less identifiable logical framework.

    Some of the more obvious kinds of these emotional knots with regard to certain ideas that represent certain sets of integrated values are called “cognitive dissonance” by the conspiracy community, but emotional pain from all mental activities itself comes from similar types of dissonances on many scales and levels, whether there through one’s own faulty processing or through previously undetected subconscious programming over the years in drop-by-drop fashion that has produced the dysfunction, the “war” and “worr-ier” in your mind, via deception or the counterfeiting and spreading of devalued concepts and metaphors.

    For example the metaphor of “the Nationalist” used to stand for people who care about their own families, communities and extended families and want to keep the culture that built the land called their “nation” into a civilization (see-will-ization, where people can see their will in action) worth living in (rather than the culture that just sat on the land and stagnated) healthy and strong. The concept of Nationalist evoked “Patriotic” emotions. That concept has now been slowly corrupted over the years and decades to mean “xenophobia,” “racism” and “hatred for other cultures and peoples” among a majority portion of the population.

    The concept that was a weapon FOR patriotic/extended-family/community activity through triggered GOOD feelings and consequent energy, is now a weapon AGAINST patriotic activity through the BAD feelings that have been smuggled into it and devalued it. It has been weaponized through the subconscious and undetected switching of the emotionally-accessed map or field-of-values covered by that concept which are now triggered by the Pavlovian bell of that same symbol or metaphor. The plate has been emptied of content, but the dogs are still salivating. They’ll keep salivating until they realize the plate is empty by which point many other plates in other areas of conceptual corruption will have been W-RUNG into bait service by the same Pavlovian conditioning process.

    Also, since money is a symbol for energy. The massive amount of energy stolen in all of these Pavlovian games when the plate is emptied and the prey have not yet realized it, in that interval, is what creates “power” of the parasite, represented by the symbol of massive increments of money and the control it brings through the boundaries it can impose called “private property.”

    The problem is that the plate is empty but you haven’t realized it yet. You’re still salivating or displaying the symptoms or emotional-signal-field of the well-fed (or the soon to be well fed) and happy. The reaction is when you realize you are no longer experiencing any of the nutritious content or health improvements commensurate with your level of emotional reaction and energy spent symbolized by the physical phenomenon on of salivation. You react by starting to stop the salivating or the waste of energy, so that you can put the energy where it matters, where it produces the healthy or at least “full-filling” actual content you need inside your stomach and your mind. But the solutions in the form of more Pavlovian bells of concepts soon to be corrupted and more plates of bait with hooks in them are all around you to keep the vicious cycle going.

    Only when you realize that variations of the same basic game are being played all around you with the double-bait of falsified and w-rung opinions and the food that draws you to them (before being removed) working hand-in-hand all the time, in various stages of manipulation, before the hook of energy-drain (robbing of your energy is the same as robbing of your time and money) is applied, can you begin to decondition from Pavlov’s Amusement Park of Jolly Sadism and move on. This can only be done by restoring to corrupted concepts and opinions their content by looking at the t-root of the tree of that concept. Where does it come from, what is the t-root of it? What is “true” about it or gets you “thru” that which when you stop be-leafing in it won’t go away (reality, to paraphrase Dick)?

    Sometimes the restoration inspires new conceptualizations which become new terms in verbal and all other languages accessible to the senses through the medium of metaphor and symbol: new movements in music, the visual arts, the cinema, architecture, all with their own memetics to impart in compact form the change of scenery and frame to its pure or reality-oriented state. The people engaged in this work of spiritual cartography are called artists. Those who do the physical cartography that enables successful navigation in the outside material world are called scientists.

    The two realms are different sides of the same creative coin that check-&-balance each other and the person who connects the two realms through the temperance of these checks and balances is called a philosopher. The philosopher’s task is the hardest, since it involves not just the laying of foundations but the integration of foundations of similar importance in different realms or modalities of experience. The best scientists are those able to discover spiritual parallels to the roads they blaze physically, and the best artists apply technical mastery of the physical realm, the virtue-osity gained through the logical brain rather than the heart or the intangible and spiritual side, in order to make the spiritual mapping more comprehensively integrated, energy efficient, streamlined and elegant and therefore be-you-thee-full and aesthetically pleasing to the senses, etc.

    “Virtue is under certain circumstances merely an honorable form of stupidity: who could be ill-disposed toward it on that account? And this kind of virtue has not been outlived even today. A kind of sturdy peasant simplicity, which, however, is possible in all classes and can be encountered only with respect and a smile, believes even today that everything is in good hands, namely in the ‘hands of God’; and when it maintains this proportion with the same modest certainty as it would that two and two make four, we others certainly refrain from contradicting. Why disturb THIS pure foolishness? Why darken it with our worries about man, people, goal, future? And even if we wanted to do it, we could not. They project their own honorable stupidity and goodness into the heart of things (the old God, deus myops, still lives among them!); we others — we read something else into the heart of things: our own enigmatic nature, our contradictions, our deeper, more painful, more mistrustful wisdom.”
    ― Friedrich Nietzsche, The Will to Power


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