UnSpun 097 – Bryan Nova Brey – MythMatrix

Live on Tuesdays at 5pm Pacific time – UnSpun #097: Bryan Nova Brey joins us to discuss MythMatrix

Bryan Nova Brey is an independent researcher who presents his MythMatrix tool for analyzing film and media in a way that you can better understand film story patterns and how to create interesting, meaningful, and entertaining media projects. The very same tools and analysis can be used to become the hero of your own life story as well as better understand and empathize with friends and strangers going through their own life story chapters.

“Narration (narratives) provides the primary means which human minds apprehend the world, in real-time. We "hold' the world as a story, and "hold" ourselves as character (there is science for this). As we grow into our lives we flesh out the details of our story and bring stability to the world and our behavior. Our stories evolve and adapt.

MythMatrix, by identifying 5 pairs of universal story patterns with 5 character motivations, provides us with a quick and accurate means to identify our story or anyone else's. Spanning the specta for "Monster in the House" to "Fool Triumphant", we can observe that myth pertains to the degree at which self and world have integrated. This provides a measure, helps find direction in how to move to the next step of integration, whether that be stories about our job, our family, or society on the whole. Narratives drive human thought - identifying and understanding HOW narrative pertain to our lives and the world provides a powerful tool for action.”


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