UnSpun 086 – Clint Richardson: “Red Pill Sunday School, pt. 2”

Live on Tuesdays at 5pm Pacific time – UnSpun #086: Clint Richardson is back!

Clint Richardson rejoins us to discuss his new book, Strawman, and "not to prove God but to prove that government believes in a god and recognizes it as a higher power and law and that the Bible is therefore the “voluntary” common Law, and so by default, whether you like it or not, as a citizenship (subject) of government, you also acknowledge that God and thus the Bible as your foundational principles of Law. So we will define what government defines God and Christianity as, as well as why it claims any act of NATURE is an Act of God, which means that government worships NATURE as God, just as the Bible defines Jehovah (*YHWH) as a verb, or all that is in self-existence as one monotheistic Being, being again said as a verb, an action, as life itself, all that was is and shall be, the never changing Nature of Existence." - and much more.

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  2 comments for “UnSpun 086 – Clint Richardson: “Red Pill Sunday School, pt. 2”

  1. John Cokos
    September 20, 2017 at 11:10 am

    I don’t see how any of what Clint is talking about has any real world application. None of it will do you any good in the legal system. You can’t call Jesus as a material witness…..

    • October 7, 2017 at 11:05 am

      That’s absurd, John. It has major real world application by knowing and understanding how the system works, as well as how you can get yourself out.

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