UnSpun 048 – The Dark Side of #PizzaGate w/ Sofia Smallstorm

Aired December 06-07 2016. Joe Atwill and Jan Irvin continue to discuss Pizzagate with guest Sofia Smallstorm, covering new evidence and connections, as well as the Lame Stream Media's (a.k.a. #FakeNews) cover-up of the scandal.

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  19 comments for “UnSpun 048 – The Dark Side of #PizzaGate w/ Sofia Smallstorm

  1. Nino Teauoneaux
    December 11, 2016 at 4:49 pm

    Scary territory. I wonder why the option of total PSYOP is not being explored as well. I have to say I have spent time looking into this and find clues laying around in plain site. Finding the symbols on Besta pizza and the other company with the double heart logo to match the FBIs pedo logos instantly registers as a red flag… Who uses the symbols the FBI KNOWS TO BE PEDOPHILE symbols to solicit pedophiles, in D.C. My guess is that D.C. is so corrupt that the elite can use this stuff (symbols) freely with no consequence. But here we are on the internet doing law enforcement’s job for them by scanning D.C. via the internet…and finding these clues concentrated in plain site.
    I also wonder why wikileaks is leaking this cryptic email dump of all the email dumps they could do. Why not just give us the good stuff and walk us down the aisle? Is there any better material coming from wikileaks??? When???
    So I unfortunately see wikileaks as a controlled PSYOP, therefore I see much to wonder about the emails actually leaked. Im, pretty sure ALL of the worlds major pedophile cases didnt include wikileaks data dumps and they all started with victims. ALL that come to mind were terrible cases of insane pedophilia with corruption from the highest levels at play. They were all clandestine for the most part and attempts at minimizing clues as well as truth were the highest priority. Only when things became unmanageable was the true deception and string pulling involved.
    Micheal Aquino on Oprah and Geraldo Rivera style daytime propaganda outlets reminds me of this a bit… I feel the Presidio cases have much validity and suffered greatly by the counter propaganda offered when they dressed Michael Aquino up like Herman Munster and paraded him around daytime T.V. The topic became ABSURD and made people turn off to the truth and sickness of the situation. This is what my instincts are telling me about project PIZZAGATEKEEPER.
    I find the timing incredibly dubious as well… I dont need to remind folks about the FAKE NEWS terms being tossed around in the conspironet lexicon…
    That said, I am not saying D.C. is not full of sick fucks… After seeing the artwork and listening to their conversations I have placed them on an even lower shelf than before. I saw paintings that made me angry and sad. I would literally spit on those pieces of shit artwork if presented to me in person.
    I looked at the D.C. pedophile register and tried to connect any person with those inclinations to the pizza joint. I looked through approximately 1075 registered pedos and found some real winners… CEO of D.C. children’s museum trafficing child porn, defense contractor on To Catch a Predator out of D.C., just to name a couple that stood out.
    Nothing obvious yet.
    I must say though that the “speculation” (that a folded up slice of pizza being child buttocks with blood and cum) is a new low… THATS FUCKING ABSURD AND IT CAUSES MORE DAMAGE THAN GOOD…NLP? She just painted a sick fucking picture… I feel strongly about other statements she made but this one takes the cake. THIS WILL TURN OFF LISTENERS. I am a loyal listener Jan and you and Joe have helped me out with many personal things. I am not a shill, I am offering my little piece of research to my favorite podcasters and only hope to help. THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION AND I AM FLEXIBLE ON CHANGE. I welcome dialog and hope I have not offended…..

    • Ralph Davis
      December 12, 2016 at 10:18 am

      Sorry if I’m only too agreeable with most of your post, Nino. You’d have to be a reckless enthusiast of sick-shit to not take pause at the sheer blatancy. It more appears than not that this is qualifies as a sensationalized limited hangout. Of course that result alone could also be easily projected as the most probable response with all the attendant MSM outrage to, ..no, not ritually raped, murdered and eaten children, …but supposed election interference bias engineered by Russian hackers! Then instantly introduce justify the ‘fake news’ anti-propaganda legislation, ..that passed the senate faster than John Podesta can order pizza.

      But, this isn’t any one thing, is it? It never is, and sometimes it is exactly what it is. How it most obviously appears, in clear historical context to this vast occulted predatory victimization of the weak, vulnerable and innocent with outrageous glee of fuck anyone that doesn’t like it arrogance of the elevated untouchables.

      That’s what decades of Podesta’s success in evading any projectiles of justice can produce. Same thing for the Clintons and their glaring connected entitlement syndrome. Murderous psychopaths having their final day in the sun, .so just fuck off before they call the FBI.

      The degree of corruption is clearly extreme. If you haven’t yet met George Webb, late of the DoJ, I think, who’s put together a graphic series of daily YouTube briefings that details the disappearance of Eric Braverman, former CEO of the Clinton Foundation who disappeared after reportedly seeking asylum at the Russian embassy in NYC. Then, ..nothing for now over 50 days. Poof! And, …he’s gone!


      So, it may be that the real email leakers are some rogue anti-Clinton element at NSA as some suggest. But that doesn’t eliminate what’s at root here. The murderous victimization of innocent children and our appalling unwillingness to admit and condemn the reality of its institutional presence in organized satanism, as well as its precedent paving orgy of grotesque human depravity of the papacy, its henchman order brothers and the myriad other pretenders to the worst conceivable human behaviors.

      But underlying it all is Hillary’s usurpation of State power to self-enrich and empower by state scale criminal conspiracy and treason. This must be realized to contextualize the pizza gate aspect of manifest evil in the power culture of the nation. It’s a true nightmare.

      Cudos, Jan and Joe, for bending the usual to current need for your investigative and reporting capacities out of genuine moral concern. There’s no mistaking the need to blow the biggest possible hole into this stinking cauldron of darkest, malevolent filth.

      Happy and safe hunting.

    • Jeremy K
      December 12, 2016 at 12:49 pm

      Oh god, why? Why? Ruined pizza for me forever.

  2. John Cokos
    December 12, 2016 at 7:34 am

    I may not have a complete picture of the extent of all this, but Smallstorm (?) musings sound the the pyscho-bable that you hear on Coast to Coast with George Noory….

  3. Pamela Seley
    December 12, 2016 at 11:29 am

    Gives a new meaning to “dominoes pizza.” I don’t think I could ever eat a slice of pizza again without gagging. Thanks to you, Jan, and Dr. Davis I have been wheatfree, gluten free for about 3-1/2 years. Can’t remember the last time I ate pizza.

    It’s possible pizzagate is a controlled psyop. If it is, it is to turn off people, so they will dismiss DC pedophilia ring and their sordid terminology as absurd. Pizzagate wikileaks may be one step by the oligarchs, and the old guard, to normalize pedophilia in American culture. Like you point out about Epstein and the Caribbean island where allegedly elite politicians go to indulge in their sick perversions damaging young children. I would think that would be substantial evidence of DC pedophilia, but as far as I know, silence on any investigation into it.

    • Jeremy K
      December 12, 2016 at 11:43 am

      No I think pizzagate is real, and they got busted. Enterthest4r5 does an expose of the pizza symbolism in the movie and TV predictive programming.

      It has been mentioned that the royal bloodline’s secret of secrets is child anal rape, and that is where they get their “power” from. Way back since Egyptian pharos the theme has been child anal rape (boys mostly) and encoded into their symbolism : eye of horus, the illuminati eye with the rays of light being the pineal gland explosion from the kundalini shooting up the spine, the sun disc with wings, the vulture and snake on the forehead of King Tut’s gold DeathMask.

      The caduceus is also a symbol of this kundalini anal sodomy creating the energy up the spine (rainbow bridge), also all the pineal gland motif in the Vatican. The “Secret” was always child buggery, once you got into the inner circles and “initiated”. 33 is the number of buttsecks (representing two homosexual men in “spoons” position).

      I am making a leap, but I would stake my money on this. Apparently this energy is the ultimate energy that can be not only used and directed, but allegedly gives them some kind of super expanded conscious perception, which is how they stay in their power position above others. I always thought there was some kind of undisclosed advantage they had. Makes you wonder what was going on up there in those town castles.

      Although this energy has a natural and normal way of accessing and using it which I believe our ancestors could do, and that the eye illuminated was their symbol, was taken and became bastardised by the jew demons, and the child rape is a kind of life “hack” to get this energy into you without any self achieved way, or through some “inward” method. I think this energy can somehow be accessed by our DNA and we have lost some valuable information and connection to it, although we still have it very weakly.

      • Pamela Seley
        December 12, 2016 at 12:40 pm

        Wow, thanks, Jeremy K, for that explanation; I did not know all of that — especially the part about the caduceus as representing sodomy.

        I realize now I wasn’t all that clear in my comment. I wasn’t saying that DC pedophilia ring or pizzagate is not real and happening, just that most people would be repulsed and find it difficult to believe as true, and the oligarchs know that and could use it to their advantage. In other words, get people to dismiss pizzagate as absurd, false, or hence, “fake news.”

        I do believe there is pedophilia among the elites and higher ups on the free masonry chain. As an aside, advertisers and big ad agencies are very aware of pedophilia and have used it in their advertising — there are many examples of subliminal advertising in photos, etc. Sofia Smallstorm has nailed it, in my opinion. Allegedly, there may be people who work in ad agencies also participating in pedophilia — so it is not only politicians. Historically over the last several decades (probably longer as you suggest) that I can see there has been a subtle push to normalize pedophilia in our American culture, as well as globally. In my opinion, the oligarchs are desperate now to get this agenda off the ground.

        Again, Jeremy K, thanks for the schooling. I do appreciate it.

        • Jeremy K
          December 12, 2016 at 1:06 pm

          Oh sorry, the caduceus is not specifically buggery, I messed that up, it is the energy origination from the base up the spine; the path. It starts at the coccyx and has three intersections before it hits the crown (pineal gland) and then takes the mind into some enlightened consciousness (the wings: not what Red Baal (Bull) gives you) i.e. unearned and undeserved consciousness, which is why they have to keep doing it to get it back.

          It is supposed to be done through certain lifestyles and techniques that generate bliss (nice trying to get that this day and age) and you channel the energy up into the crown naturally and properly, and THROUGH ONE’S OWN EFFORT. Similar to when you have a really good day and are “in the zone” and you can think incredibly clearly almost like “you had wings”, but multiply that state by HOLY SHIIIIIIIIT!!! The old adage: fly as high as you like as long as it is upon your own wings.

          As far as pizzagate goes, the public would not believe it anyway or at least try to excuse their beloved leaders whom they are completely dependent on for fashion items, consumer trash and celebrity gossip. I think they are trying it on with their psychology again, and leading people by mental hooks with their t-shirt buzzwords to short circuit thinking.

          Oh yea, the whole thing is rigged. It HAS to be. It couldn’t be any other way. The whole of our society is set up so they can harvest our children in some kind of psychologically controlled environment.

          I’m not schooling you, just laying down my shekels worth to get it out there ^_^

      • Pamela Seley
        December 12, 2016 at 1:00 pm

        Probably why also pedophiles who use child rape for “energy” have to continue raping children; otherwise, karmic payback is a bitch. Just my hunch.

        • Jeremy K
          December 12, 2016 at 2:42 pm

          Yes, although they must be completely addicted to it because of the higher conscious access. I am not sure about karma, seems to me it favours the arsehole, I would like to debate this concept of karma because it seems to me another deliberate New Age concept to keep the sheep tooth and clawless.

          I think they are into life extending technology/organ harvesting as well. Transhumanism being one of them. Anything externally dependent.

          • Pamela Seley
            December 12, 2016 at 8:27 pm

            You are probably right about the notion of karma. “Don’t have to do anything because the perpetrator will get theirs.” New Age concepts do favor the lazy. Thanks for pointing that out.

            I’m still on the fence about the transhumanism, but it is being put out there. I admit my ignorance, don’t know anything about organ harvesting.

      • Nino Teauoneaux
        December 12, 2016 at 1:23 pm

        I cant say I disagree with you. But I can say this looks absurd and feels like a PSYOP. I can offer evidence of pedophilia in D.C. easily. Its not a question about pedophilia, its a question about this cryptic datadump and the effect on who ever gobbles it up. I can say I see the magical mystical element in plain site. For example: when we go back to Jose B. and his discussion on charging talismans, I can see clearly in this exercise we AGAIN are charging talismans to our own detriment. So we stood there and pledged allegiance to a rag on a stick and now the magicians have left SYMBOLS out in plain site for us to charge with our disgust and fervor. IN THIS CASE THOUGH MS. SMALLSTORM IS THE MAGICIAN DIRECTING THE FOCUS OF THE CREATED EMOTIONS TO THE SYMBOLS AT LARGE,(CHARGING THE TALISMAN) AND WHAT A PICTURE SHE IS CREATING. As Jose would say, “Its beautiful”.
        There are way better avenues for trying to validate these claims. Its not hard, just time consuming. One is not validating these claims by referencing predictive programming (which I believe is a real phenomena) and ancient occult histories. MOTIVE IS ONLY ONE PIECE IN PRESENTING A CASE.
        Evidence should first be gathered in the form of FACTS…IF WE FAIL THERE WE OPEN OUR EYES A LITTLE WIDER.

        • Jeremy K
          December 12, 2016 at 2:46 pm

          How would we present this and to who? This is ALL pervasive. The only way this could possibly be confronted is a total public insurgence. Fat fucking chance this is going to happen and they know it. All they have to do is offer half price iPhones for a day and the siege is disbanded.

        • Pamela Seley
          December 12, 2016 at 7:38 pm

          I agree: we need facts, concrete evidence, and it is troubling the wikileaks datadump is out just out there twisting in the wind, and begs the question who it is intended for? Why isn’t anyone who has the power doing anything? Like an investigation, arrests, charges, etc? That’s what will make the public believe it’s not fake news.

          Likewise, not all pedophiles get caught, are charged and have to register as sex offenders. Many get away. I’m sure elites who get caught get free passes. Recall Franklin coverup scandal. So it would be difficult to create an integrated map of names, connections and history. I thought the NSA is responsible for creating dossiers on every American. I’m digressing but aside from pizzagate, one HRC email in the wikileaks podesta emails discussed creating dossiers of registered voters in the “cloud”. That is troubling for the obvious reason of collecting data on ordinary people for what purpose? Tracking, future blackmail, targeting, advertising?

          It’s good to be skeptical and consider what people have to say. Have to keep in mind we don’t know if these nutjobs are playing games and pretending, or if what they are doing is real. Isn’t Maccauley Culkin, who asserted there’s pedophilia in Hollywood, in a band called “The Pizza Underground”? Or are we all being fooled and at the same time traumatized in the process, because I find it disturbing children would be used in this way.

          I feel like I should be doing something to stop this evil.

        • Pamela Seley
          December 12, 2016 at 9:28 pm

          Nino Teauoneaux, on second thought, I think your frustration is warranted. Who originally came up with the term “pizzagate”? Why isn’t it called “pedophilegate,” which is more telling of what it is. Calling it pizzagate minimizes the severity of what is really going on. To the average person, maybe they think someone stole a trademarked pizza recipe. “Russian hackers” that’s currently in the news cycle is taken seriously; after all John McCain is now saying his election was hacked by the Russians in 2008. Why didn’t he say something then?

          Indeed the term “pizzagate” is obscure — and probably intended that way and why I think it’s a psyop– the truth couched in absurdity. People who are not familiar with occulted free mason rituals will believe the “fake news” meme that is currently out in the main stream media, and just think it’s fake news. Until people are hauled off to jail, and it’s on the cover of the NYTimes, or CNN (which probably will never happen), this will most likely blow over and be ignored.

          • Jeremy K
            December 14, 2016 at 1:34 pm

            “You are probably right about the notion of karma. “Don’t have to do anything because the perpetrator will get theirs.” New Age concepts do favor the lazy. Thanks for pointing that out.

            I’m still on the fence about the transhumanism, but it is being put out there. I admit my ignorance, don’t know anything about organ harvesting.”(THIS COMMENT, I am sidetracking too much so Ill leave that out for now, apologia)

            I can’t reply to this comment for some reason so I’ll have to put it here by the other comment you made.

            Well, there are such a thing as consequences, that is simply the Laws of Physics (Law of God), but the way that Karma is in my understanding and how I feel it is being presented is as some benevolent overseeing daddy force that will punish the naughty boy in due time so the “good guys” just have to wait it out.

            I think that is another novocaine shot for the mind. Oh how nice it would be if we could just sleep and drink cocktails as the bad guys get “dealt with” by the Big Daddy who loves the “good people” and the evil demons will get punished accordingly and given enough time we will have a paradise again secure in the knowledge all our children are safe and the baddies are punished for their “eebil deedz”. No. The demons get away with it all the time, every time, at the time. Not only that. They OWN THE WHOLE SHOW. They rule over us. The scumbags are king.

            On the whole people in general are in deep denial. They just do not want to believe their leaders are child raping flesh eating demons. They cannot handle the fact that they are being bitched off by a wide group of the worst nightmares. I always thought that “normality” was the illusion, and it is. The veil of comfort is just too seductive for them, and the demons know it. They have studied us, and know how to push out buttons and pull our levers.

  4. Jeremy K
    December 12, 2016 at 11:31 am

    Viktor Schauberger knew this back at the turn of the century: that we are living off decay, and using decay forces to make life. Pretty contradictory, but yes, it’s happening. For example explosion for energy. Nature uses explosion and heat to break down matter i.e. outward directed forces. However Nature uses cooling and implosive forces to create life i.e. inwardly directed forces. Our environment is sick, and as we are also inextricably part of the environment we too are sick because of this.

  5. John Grywalski
    December 12, 2016 at 6:27 pm

    She really didn’t have to explain all the disgusting details.

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