UnSpun 042 – “From The Psychedelic Gospels to the Native American Church”


Aired October 11-12, 2016. Joe Atwill and Jan Irvin discuss Dr. Jerry Brown's new misleading book The Psychedelic Gospels, and also the false history of the Native American Church.

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  3 comments for “UnSpun 042 – “From The Psychedelic Gospels to the Native American Church”

  1. mark smith
    October 14, 2016 at 2:02 pm

    The accuracy of your data and the degree of clarity is not only essentially self evivdent, but if one seeks to challenge the case that your team presents. The likelyhood of sucessfully doing that in the context of a full scale logical debate would be hard to concieve if not absolultely an impossible task..
    Its no longer something that can be ignored. The case you make is precise, is based on a vast, spectrum of eviddence that spans not just years but decades.
    The nature of the people involved and the overwhelming consistency of associations and the unmistakeable nature of the greater of objective is no longer something that can be conceaed, or intepreptated in some yet, unconsidered way that can account for even a small portion of the rivers path as being other than, what your presentation establishes in its conclusions… The premise is confirmed. And as far as the intellectual verification of certainty being established beyond any possible means of reasonable alternative explainations would be relegated to the desperatly corrupt and the irretrevably ignorrant. In short, the argument is now over.. But were not dealing with, reasonable or rational men here… Were dealing with genocidal murderres and fully emersed pychopaths. And their resources are extraordinary and the degree of determination and the organizational infrastructure that they have developed over the decades is not only formidable, but is in fact an unprecedented array of powe, in all of known human history…
    They clearly don;t intend to lose, just because they’ve been discovered… They are going to have to be beaten into submission, just like their now doing to us….. Or it is we the people who, will be anhilated… This is not a debate or an argument.. This is full scale war were facing.. Just because its a very complex asymetrical theater, doesn’t deminish the potential implications of loss on both sides… But if only 20% or 30% of the population are willing to prwepare or to fight, Then were going to lose.. And the losers in this case will be slaughtered, just like the Romans or the Hun, or Alexander the Great would have done… We need to fully realize, just how poorly oriented the populaiton at large is, to the demands and the required sacrifices that a real conflict will inevitablly demand… We need to stop and comtemplate what were really looking at here…. We had better fully grasp the scale what is going to be required… Or else were just going to accelerate the process of being manipulated into the very place, they want us to go… These people may be pychopaths, but they are not stupid, far to the contrary.. So I would agree with Joseph, that any meaningful Resistance must begin with a great effort being made by everybody on this eart h to gain a full working knowledge of who what these people are capable of… Only a clear and precise understanding based on a highly detaled knowledge on how we got into this position in the first place..
    Yes, we clearly do outnumber them vastly. But, in this kind of technological environment, we must recognize that advantage in numbers is is by no means going to be sufficient in itself…
    And make no mistake about it once they realize, that we will not tolerate their plans or backdown from, the demands of freedom, Nothing will be the same as they face being fully exposed and thereby brought to justice,, they will realize, as I am sure, they already do, that they are in a very dangerous position… We need to understand what the genuine implications are, and from that point perhaps at that point the people can begin to generate actual leverage in which to push back…. As of now, we really have very little leverage, in which any real demands can be made and there results secured… Thats what a real warrior whether modern or ancient would certainly tell us all..

  2. Pamela Seley
    October 14, 2016 at 9:53 pm

    Jan, doesn’t surprise me that someone graduated from an ivy league school would leave out important facts. These people have no remorse or ethics and are despicable example of human beings. I seriously doubt what’s his name will come on your show and face your questions. One thing I’ve learned about narcissists and psychopaths is they won’t answer direct questions…ever. I have a suggestion but I won’t post it here publicly to give the enemy any good ideas.

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