“The Zionist-CIA Assault on Body and Mind” – Joshua Blakeney interviews Jan Irvin

The Zionist-CIA Assault on Body and Mind 

By Joshua Blakeney

For this episode of The Real Deal I interviewed the illustrious Jan Irvin of Gnostic Media. He is the first intellectual I have interviewed twice since I began recording episodes of The Real Deal in November 2013. The scope and depth of Jan’s analysis will reveal why.

cia_lsdThe main focus of the interview was to be Jan’s newly published article entitled “Entheogens: What’s in a Name? The Untold History of Psychedelic Spirituality, Social Control, and the CIA”. However we broached multiple subjects including:

  • The CIA and Zionist genesis of the MKULTRA program
  • The CIA and Zionist involvement in the Psychedelic Movement
  • The roles of Timothy Leary, Aldous Huxley, R. Gordon Wasson, Edward Bernays et al. in the creation and popularization of psychotomimetic drugs
  • The public relations efforts aimed at normalizing brain damaging drugs
  • Dysgenics, eugenics and the destabilization of Western society
  • The Soviet Union’s gulag (overt control) versus the capitalist West’s psychological warfare (covert control)
  • The promotion of cultural, moral and epistemic relativism as a means of obscuring social and political reality
  • The Frankfurt School of Social Research & Zionist racism
  • The health implications of eating wheat, not drinking raw milk and adopting low fat diets
  • Feminism and the destruction of the family

Part One: download here

Part Two: download here

Part Three: download here

Part Four: download here


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  4 comments for ““The Zionist-CIA Assault on Body and Mind” – Joshua Blakeney interviews Jan Irvin

  1. Persas Rho
    December 11, 2014 at 10:50 am

    I lived in Japan for almost a decade and the comment on Kobe beef (and some assumptions about Japan) needs clarification. I knew a guy who was a butcher there, and he said his boss took a giant pile of rotten beef and mixed it in with fresh meat. This was not Kobe beef, this was the regular beef that sold to various fast food chains, like MosBurger and Lotteria. Most of the meat sold in Japan seems to be a mafia (Yakuza) run enterprise, with sketchy practices. Kobe beef is more expensive in Japan for 2 reasons – one is the yen / dollar exchange rate, the other is the Asian practice of overpricing as a marketing tool Asians think more expensive means better quality. Underpricing in a market like that will reduce sales.

    Japanese women are allowed to lock their husbands out of the house if they feel like it. They often don’t want the husband at home, will glare at them if they come home too early, and if they continue to come home early (and early is a few minutes before midnight) then things won’t get done the next day – the rice will be cold, the futon will be unmade, etc. It’s all passive aggressive behavior, which is designed to avoid an open battle. Japanese companies are aware of how things are in the home and will keep their male employees time occupied with classes after work and drinking after work.

    Japanese women have a saying, which goes “have a baby and do what you want.” The baby keeps the man tied to the woman, who then controls the time her husband is allowed in the house. When a husband retires, he is often disparagingly referred to as “sodai gomi” (enormous garbage) or “wet leaves” because both are difficult to move – the husband will essentially lie around the house at that point.

    So the husband is allowed to be home only between midnight and 6 am or so. The children are put in school as early as possible – this has little to do with education and much to do with the wife wanting her time freed up to go shopping and play mah jong with her friends. Cram school keeps the kids out until around 10 pm. So they work it so they get the house to themselves most of the day. Get it? If American women pulled this, they’d be called feminazis.

    As for the diet, the main reason they are slender has a lot to do with the lack of sugar in the diet. They don’t have 1/10th the sugar in their diet that we do. They also don’t consume wheat as much. The water, though way over chlorinated, has no fluoride which wreaks havoc on the thyroid. The Japanese girls I roomed with ate like pigs in private – I have heard this from others – in public they act completely different. I lived in a communal house with a number of them, and they also didn’t do much to keep the place clean, in fact it got kind of gross in there.

    The Japanese education system isn’t worth much – it’s all based on memorization and test taking (multiple choice) – they got it wholesale from Prussia, which is also where the boys’ school uniforms are from.

    As for the breakup of the family – I know of 3 Somali women here in the US- they are (were) stay at home mothers who dressed modestly (Muslim). Their husbands are all Somali as well. One of the husbands decided to have a second family in secret with an Asian woman, the other left his wife high and dry with 8 kids when he left her, another’s husband takes his son to Hooter’s and talks about trips to Thailand to meet hookers. This is not due to feminism, this is due to this idea of entitlement that was apparently laid out by the likes of Hugh Hefner. Why don’t you do a show on that?

  2. willem felderhof
    July 4, 2017 at 7:50 am

    Hi Jan, I can’t find the links or downloads. Keep getting the 404 message and/or this video is not available (on YT) Maybe it is because I am in France and much is censored here. Are you aware of this? Thanks for all the amazing work you do! Best, Willem

    • July 4, 2017 at 9:36 am

      It looks like it’s no longer available. I’m not sure what happened to it. Sorry.

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