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Online version of the Brain investigation database:
Investigating Wasson Brain – MK-ULTRA and the launching the psychedelic and environmental movements

Download the Brain software (Windows/Mac/Linux - VERSION 8 REQUIRED):

Download the entire MKULTRA Brain investigation database file (v. 3.3.6 - released March 01, 2018): (1.237GB)

How to install and use the database:

For use in the software version only (this version is the best, clearest representation of the database and the easiest to follow and research). 1) This version must be OPENED into the Brain software after installation. Once the importation is complete, 2) the software will attempt to ask you for a username and password to log into the server. Click "Do not connect to a server". 3) A window will pop up and ask "If you do not connect to a server, you will not be able to put your Brains online nor sync between computers. Are you sure you don't want to connect?" Select the check-box "Always do this" 4) and then click "Do Not Connect". 5) You will be brought to a window showing the available "Investigating Wasson Brain" - double click and you're now in the database viewing the information.

How to view the information in the database:

Connections Above each data point are things that influence that data point: Such things can be parents, or organizations like the CIA, or fraternities, employers, etc. Below each data point are things that the data point created or influenced - such as children, books they authored, programs they started or directed, companies they ran or directed, or people they had serious influence over, etc. To the far left are husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, cousins, friends and associates of each data point and leads to possibly related information or ideas. To the far right are 3rd hand investigative leads that are pulled up by the other related entries in the data base. On the bottom of the screen, if not minimized, will show citations: in the text box, as well links, videos, audio, books, and other information relating to that data point and how it relates to the others around it. Each citation should be studied. If you don't find the citation there, check those directly around the center connection, and if that doesn't provide the citations, usually a quick online search will be all you need to find the information to explain that connection. Sometimes it will require reading a book to get the exact information.

If you find an error, please contact us with the updated information and citations to show how that connection is wrong, or in the wrong place. Please do not contact us without already having your citations ready. Thank you.