An Interview with Paul D. Schrader – “San Bernardino County’s Sheriff in Exile” – #178


This episode is an interview with Paul Schrader, titled “San Bernardino County’s Sheriff in Exile” and is being released on Sunday, September 29, 2013. This interview with Paul was recorded Tuesday, September 24, 2013.

In 2010 Paul sought the Office of Sheriff in San Bernardino County. Despite being significantly outspent 25 to 1 by the established politician who was appointed as Sheriff in 2009, he placed second in the election (out of three candidates). Paul earned the endorsements of numerous associations, California Chiefs, and other dignitaries.

[and I should point out that after the election, the appointed Sheriff, Hoops, stepped down and appointed another sheriff, John McMahon, in an act of voter fraud to keep Paul out]

Paul Schrader has 30 years of experience in city, county and Federal law enforcement. Paul currently works as a Deputy Sheriff Bonus One at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

After graduating from high school, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. Paul was sent to San Diego, California for boot camp. After training he was sent to 1st Marines as an infantryman. After 2 years he went to the Military Police and was then assigned to work as an undercover narcotics operative at the Naval Investigative Intelligence Service (NCIS).

Paul continued his career for the next 26 years working in city, county and Federal law enforcement. Paul has necessary, hands-on experience by being selected for several important assignments. These assignments have given Paul the skills essential to overseeing a large and active Sheriff’s Department, and in helping to develop trust and cooperation with the community, which Paul considers essential. His law enforcement management skills include jail supervision, Logistics team member, Risk Analysis Team supervision, and Patrol and Legal Unit supervision. Paul has served as an Audit Team supervisor, giving him a clear understanding of how to most effectively use the Sheriff’s Department budget to benefit the community and Deputies. Paul also has excellent community and intra-agency skills. He has served as supervisor in the Film and Media Relations Operations, and was selected to sit on a Merger Team panel to facilitate the merger of two law enforcement agencies. Paul has received several awards in the course of his career, including the Meritorious Service Award, the Chief’s Service Award, and the Unit Commander’s Award.
Paul and his wife Judy have 5 homeschooled daughters.


From the CA state Constitution:

Article 7: Public Officers and Employees

SEC 5: A temporary appointment may be made to a position for which there is no employment list. No person may serve in one or more positions under temporary appointment longer than 9 months in 12 consecutive months.

How long has the unlawful “sheriff” held office? Since 2010!!!!

The California Constitution, states that: "Subject to the powers and duties of the Governor, the Attorney General shall be the chief law officer of the State."

Paul will need to sue the governor and attorney general as well, and arrest them if they do not due their "duties" according to the constitution.

And this one from the San Bernardino County Charter:

"Staff members of elected County officers other than Supervisor, at the level of assistant department head or its equivalent level, shall serve in the Unclassified service at the pleasure of the appointing elected County officer, in that elected officer's sole discretion. Except for the offices of Sheriff and District Attorney, qualifications for all staff members in the Unclassified service, of elected County officers other than Supervisor, shall be established by the elected County officer and approved by the Board of Supervisors..."

So the Sheriff is not bound by the council. He is outside their purview. That's page 14a - SB County Charter.

Violation of this charter means that the County of San Bernardino as a corporation is in violation of its consent by the people to exist.

The [LAWFUL] Sheriff, his deputy, and the militia (while militia is engaged in military service) ARE EXEMPT FROM THE CIVIL SERVICE. The true, lawful sheriff commands the militia. The militia backs the true, lawful sheriff.

Police officers (peace officers) are employees, and the civil service DOES APPLY to all of them.

This means that the current “Sheriff” is likely still listed as an employee, holding temporary office, and is therefore not elected by the people, and therefore NOT EXEMPT from civil service law. Furthermore, he’s in violation of the State Constitution. If he is listed as an employee for longer than 9 months, then this is proof of his violation of the California State Constitution.
Article 7 Section 4 of the Constitution

Paul may further demand the unlawful “Sheriff’s” written and signed oath of office:

18154: Any person who is appointed to a State position not in the State Civil Service and who fails to take the oath required by this chapter within the time provided forthwith forfeits his right to his position, and the position shall be considered vacant.

If this appointed sheriff didn't file an oath in writing, he must immediately surrender the office to Paul on request.

The San Bernardino charter, Article 2, Section 6, it states:

"Any County officer other than supervisor may be removed from office in the manner provided by law, or with a 4-5th's vote of the Board of Supervisors, for cause, after first serving upon such officer a written statement of alleged grounds for such removal, and giving him a reasonable opportunity to be heard in the way of explanation or defense."

Paul may also give McMahan a date, and if he doesn’t vacate his position by a certain date that, as the lawful sheriff, Paul has the full right and consent of the people to arrest him on that date. McMahon would have to show justification for not vacating his office to a lawfully elected sheriff. With all of the above constitutional violations this would be impossible.

The County of San Bernardino is a very wealthy county. They have lied to the public by denying the public a proper referendum, claiming that they couldn’t raise $3.5 million for such a referendum for a lawful sheriff. This is clearly a stunt by the County Board of Supervisors, an election FRAUD, to deny the public a lawful sheriff.

The County of San Bernardino Comprehensive Annual Financial reports show that San Bernardino has at least $3 BILLION dollars stashed away, and more probably closer to $10 BILLION.

In 2012, the County Manager reports on page 17:

The County’s total net assets increased by $132,058.000. The net increase is attributable to the $128,884,000 increase in governmental activities net assets and the $3,174,000 increase in business-type activities net assets.
As of June 30, 2012, the County governmental funds reported combined fund balances of $1,187,191,000 a decrease of $22,190,000 in comparison with the prior year. Amounts available for spending include restricted, committed, assigned, and unassigned fund balances; these totaled $1,113,051,000 or 93.8% of ending fund balance. Of this amount, $713,175,000 is restricted by law or externally imposed requirements, and $122,870,000 is committed for specific purposes."

***So the county seems to have over a $ billion in liquid assets that it has hidden from the general fund by creating requirements for those funds. Yet on page 5 it stated that those restrictions can be lifted. Even still, there is certainly enough left over to fund a referendum, but again only if the county chooses to do so. One thing for sure, they can't use "being broke" as an excuse!***

In the statement of net assets, the county reports $5,100,038,000 as the total assets.
It then reports $2,364,012,000 in liabilities.
That's almost a $3 billion positive balance!
To be fair, the County reports $1,655,669,000 as "capital assets", which are buildings, trucks, and other assets that are not just investments which can be cashed in.
But the County is very deceptive and unfair when it reports its actual liabilities for the year, which are quite low considering. To hide today's actual balance of assets, it uses the following creative accounting trick to obfuscate the true balance.

BONDS AND NOTES PAYABLE, NET (NOTE 11) - $1,431,879,000 + about $380 million in other future liabilities.

**These are not due within this fiscal year, therefore they should not be reported as liabilities that actually effect the assets of today. This is the most popular "legal" way for governments across the nation to lie to the public through creative accounting standards approved by the Federal government. It is organized crime, or legal fraud.

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  4 comments for “An Interview with Paul D. Schrader – “San Bernardino County’s Sheriff in Exile” – #178

  1. John Cokos
    October 3, 2013 at 6:36 am

    Some background on the concept of the “Oath Keepers” coming to the rescue; I spent 15 years in the military, most of it Army. The DOD has had a scenario in place for decades for just this type of challenge to the chain of command. There are special unit’s withing any military command that will remove any unit commander that fails to carry out a command. Seen it happen in the field where local commanders were removed and replaced on the spot. It sends a chilling message to the rest of the Units that any challenge to authority will be countered.

    Paul Schrader seems to be decent sort of candidate, but his apparent lack of a military background might not be a asset. He’s in a “para-military” environment, which I think he understands due his work experience. If you don’t have a military background experience to fall back on the system never quite come’s into focus.

    • October 3, 2013 at 3:15 pm

      He stated very clearly that he’s got a military background, and it’s up in the notes. But for your information, a standing army is unconstitutional for an Oath Keeper. Apparently you didn’t hear or watch the interview first?

      But it’s interesting your comment that he needs to be military, so that he’s under their thumb. The lawful sheriff’s office is not about having a background in an unconstitutional military. I think you’re missing the point.

      “After graduating from high school, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. Paul was sent to San Diego, California for boot camp. After training he was sent to 1st Marines as an infantryman. After 2 years he went to the Military Police and was then assigned to work as an undercover narcotics operative at the Naval Investigative Intelligence Service (NCIS) – See more at:

      • el
        October 7, 2013 at 6:49 am

        This comment is not about P. Schrader, however there is indeed some elements of Jesuit infiltration within the Oathkeepers. Bill Cooper did much work on exposing this in his material from working with them pre-911. LOTS of guys are doubling agent duties.

        Who is Bo Griz? that is the question we would ask ourselves regarding infiltration by the Jesuits into private and public sector (co-OPERATIONS) Especially grassroots ones…

        its a separate point but something to be aware of.

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