An Interview with Kim, Dave and Freeman Burt – “Murrieta PD: “You Will Respect My Authoritah!”” – #184

This episode is an interview with Kim, Dave and Freeman Burt, titled “Murrieta PD: You Will Respect My Authoritah!” and is being released on Tuesday, November 05, 2013. This interview with Kim, Dave and Freeman Burt was recorded Monday, November 04, 2013.
In our continuing discussion regarding law and human rights, we’re back with Freeman Burt and Kim, and this time we’re joined by her husband, David, who’s just been released from jail.

David and Kim and their two children Maycie 17 and Zachary 13 have lived in Murrieta, California since June of 1999. David is a class of 1993 graduate of Southern College Of Optometry in Memphis, TN and has been in private practice in the Murrieta community since 2001. Kim is an RN graduate of St. Joseph Hospital School of Nursing class of 1994 and recently completed Nutritional Therapy Practitioner School in June of this year. The Dortch family has loved the Murrieta community and thought it was a wonderful place to raise a family until the law enforcement presence in the city started to become out of sync with the actual level of crime. They could have never anticipated the sequence of events that started on 3/14/2013. Who could have known that an average American family that loves boating and camping and hiking would be targeted for as a result of warrantless internet spying.

This episode is a continuation of episode #183 - Targeted Individuals, Tyranny, Child Trafficking, Racketeering. Illegally installed sheriffs in 3 adjoining California counties.

Guest Sites: (Freeman Burt), (Jan Irvin).


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  3 comments for “An Interview with Kim, Dave and Freeman Burt – “Murrieta PD: “You Will Respect My Authoritah!”” – #184

  1. Rose
    November 10, 2013 at 8:39 am

    Hi Jan

    apologies for the OT
    However I found this quite interesting and makes me think about the ‘war on men’ you have been discussing
    I read this in the Toronto Star and thought, wow, if this debate was about women the shrieking would be so loud….

    But since this is about men, it is somehow completely acceptable?

    “Be it resolved, Men are obsolete”

    Like half of human kind is obsolete?
    It’s a bit much

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