An Interview with Freeman Burt, Dr. Tom, and Greg – “The Demurrer and Probable Cause” – #201

This episode is about The Demurrer and Probable Cause. It’s being released on May 28, 2014, and was recorded April 24, 2014.

Greg is a gigging musician and music instructor who found himself at the mercy of a policy enforcer of lesser intelligence one night on the way home from a gig. A student of the Trivium, Psychology, and Natural Law, Greg took it upon himself to respectfully decline to acquiesce to the officer's demands for documentation and soon found himself being violently ripped from his property with no prior warning of intent to arrest. Greg maintained his cool and attempted to refrain from escalating the situation with a person obviously acting outside of the bounds of reason and law -- he found it vastly more important to see down the longer road ahead and use lawful reason to assert his natural rights.

After a brief stint in a county jail, Greg contacted Freeman Burt in order to obtain assistance in thwarting the nonsensical resistance charges brought against him by this agent of the state acting under the color of law. He has learned a great deal in a short amount of time, but his motivation has remained strong as he has attempted to navigate City Hall. He has smelled the rotten fruits of the fallacy of ad vericundiam first hand, and it has awakened something in him that will never sleep again.

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  5 comments for “An Interview with Freeman Burt, Dr. Tom, and Greg – “The Demurrer and Probable Cause” – #201

  1. bill rod
    May 30, 2014 at 9:00 am

    Good episode. I usually don’t put links in comments, but here’s one that I believe even Freeman Burt, Dr. Tom, and Greg will appreciate.
    I believe that Eddie Craig is the most authoritative person on the transportation issue bar none, hands down! When someone could recite Articles, sections, and codes from the transportation code and how they may or may not apply to a person without referencing books, or notes…that’s an informed and knowledgable person.

    Eddie does a weekly Monday podcast on the Rule of Law Radio Show on the Logos Radio Network.

    Due process begins at the moment a person is stopped in traffic. Check out his video to hear about the 6 consistent laws the cops, prosecutors, and court engage in AT EVERY STOP, and AT EVERY HEARING! You might also want to commit to memory what Eddie describes as the 6 Deadly Sins most Pro Se’s commit when trying to defend against a transportation attack brought on by the state to separate you from your money.

  2. John Cokos
    June 1, 2014 at 9:23 am

    Eddie is a little dismissive at times to callers, Randy Kelton give’s a more useful approach to problems.

    I don’t subscribe to the Ride Free or Die Kool Aid. It make’s far more sense to make yourself “Cop Proof” and stay under the radar if you need to be on the roads for a living…

    As for case law, the general rule when the lights and the siren come on, you are under Custodial Arrest, and you are NOT free to leave the area.

    The Cop is question is what’s know as a “Gypsy Cop” they move from PD to PD, under the last PD in this Circle Jerk catches the heat, as is now the case. There are no data bases for this, such as the Brady or Laurie Lists that ARE maintained. I’m compiling one for New Jersey based on a data base.

    I think based on my experience with the legal system, A far better approach at the start would have been to request a Jury Trial, it would have thrown a monkey wrench in the process. I think on a number of level’s Greg didn’t win or gain anything out if this. He paid the fines, and consent is agreement.

    I couldn’t get a clear picture of just what the actual chain of events were in this Case, there is no Security thru Obscurity. I’ve been involved in Police stops, Greg did a few things right, but there is no way to determine if this will add up a Title 18 Civil rights case. I’m involved in one right now, and getting one into the equivalent to pushing a peanut up the side of a mountain.

  3. June 7, 2014 at 12:37 pm

    someone made a full transcript here:

  4. electricivy
    June 12, 2014 at 2:02 am

    As a very jaded & frustrated attorney, let me just say; “BRAVO GREGG!” It truly touched my heart to see an American actually exercise his constitutional rights! If more people did, we’d still have them. When I ask most people, they really believe they still have individual rights to privacy, freedom of speech, wrongful search & seizure, etc. Then, given a scenario involving how they’d use these rights, I was told “well, if I haven’t done anything wrong, why not comply?,” “I just don’t have the time to get arrested & go to court when they just want to look in my trunk/glove compartment,” “only a guilty person would refuse to cooperate.” 1. We need to teach every child, beginning n elementary school, all their Rights & freedoms: history, location, practical application, when to utilize them & how to enforce them. 2. We pay those w/ the most power in our society, the lowest wage. When law enforcement officers/deputies earn less than $18k yr, the only other incentive; power, attracts bullies/petty-tyrants/under-educated. Not all cops, but majority. If suddenly the wage increased=amount of power one is given over the life & liberty of others, then a different pool of applicants would compete for these jobs. (a)Those who knew the laws they were 2 enforce (b) violence & corruption lessen or cease (c) fewer tax $ needed b/c smarter force concentrates on real threats not harassment. Go Gregg & thank you for doing what most wouldn’t: protecting everyone’s rights by standing up for your own!

  5. electricivy
    June 12, 2014 at 2:30 am

    Btw: Does anyone else notice how short those 2 guys r next to truck door? Also the short dude on Left side of pumps, looking like he’s reaching up to the gas nozzle….? or is it just me?

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