An Interview with Freeman Burt and Clint Richardson – “From Weather Modification to Mortgages, Notes, and Foreclosures” – #160

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A very important episode!

This episode is an interview with Freeman Burt and Clint Richardson, titled “From Weather Modification to Mortgages, Notes, and Foreclosures” and is being released on Wednesday, April 03, 2013. This interview with Clint and Burt was recorded on Tuesday, April 02, 2013.

Freeman Burt is a man who lives under the belief that all people are born free and that no one can be required to become someone's servant. He’s almost 50yrs old and has been studying the elements of freedom for about twenty years.
Most of his gain in comprehension came when he fully accepted the fact that all legal relations require our consent. From that point of view it became easier to accept the truth that the Legal Law is correct. He is not claiming it is right or moral, just that it is correct in its application.
The more time he spent reading the actual statutes, codes and ordinances and legal dictionaries, the more he’s learning that we are in fact free and that we volunteer into servitude. Freedom is a voyage with no predetermined destination, because such destination does not exist. As long as there are slaves in this world we ourselves can never be free.

donotconsent83 (youtube)

Clint Richardson is back for his 7th or 8th time.

A protégé of Walter Burian, Clint has been on previously to discuss his videos The Corporation Nation, Lethal Injection, and his investigation of my own local School District, CAFR SCHOOL: RIM of the World Unified School District Expose. Clint has what I consider the most important information out there today on our economy and how it actually functions.

A former Hollywood sound designer and musician, a crisis of conscious led him to begin researching, writing, and eventually producing primary research documentaries exposing the very research that Hollywood is designed to hide from the masses. Now unable to work in his industry of study (for this Hollywood betrayal), Clint applies his professional sound talent and newly learned video skills, as well as a devotion to first-hand, primary research and writing, to contribute to the “Waking Up” of the population at large. His credo… expose “them” until they dispose of him.

Clint’s paper: Do You Own Your Children? Mentioned in this episode:

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  19 comments for “An Interview with Freeman Burt and Clint Richardson – “From Weather Modification to Mortgages, Notes, and Foreclosures” – #160

  1. April 3, 2013 at 7:31 pm

    thank you Freeman Burt, Clint and Jan!

  2. Keith McAlister
    April 4, 2013 at 7:34 am

    Maybe a local newspaper subscription is in the immediate future. Thought provoking gentlemen. Thanks.

  3. Christian Bjerring
    April 4, 2013 at 1:30 pm

    Thank you!

  4. Eric Christensen
    April 4, 2013 at 7:00 pm

    Hi there, interesting material as always.

    Jan, you should look into interviewing a guy named Marc Stevens, he’s a voluntarist legal advisor guy who has a radio show and podcast on the liberty radio network. He uses very simple lines of questioning rooted in anarchist/voluntarist philosophy and simple logic to help people defend themselves from bureaucratic attacks by governments and the IRS. No offense to freeman Burt, but his website and info doesn’t foster much confidence since he doesn’t appear to have any documented track record to show that his methods are effective, or if he does, we’ve yet to see or hear about it.

    Stevens has a book called “Adventures in Legaland” written back in 2002 and has been making a living helping people mostly with traffic violations and tax related stuff for around 20 years. His website is good; he sells court motion templates and scripts to use to prepare for court, and there’s a chat where you can do role playing to as well, or you can pay him to represent you on the phone, so the website has some funny calls of shame with govt bureaucrats. There’s a decent sized community based around his work, and he’s a pretty funny guy too. Check out, his methods are very logical and not bogged down in having to know so much legal mumbo jumbo.

  5. B B
    April 4, 2013 at 8:49 pm

    @1:14:00~ish Burt makes a comment about money being something tangible. This is an issue debated on Wikipedia. It’s said that currency is the tangible thing, like paper or coin, and money is mark of record or credit.

    Bouvier’s Law dictionary (presumably THE reference source for all language in statutes not explicitly defined in USC and CFR) seems to purely support Burt’s statement, but I think Black’s Law (common law reference) stipulates both the material and immaterial definitions.

  6. Jonathan Doss
    April 5, 2013 at 4:14 pm

    great interview. Does Brut have a Email or anyway of contact other then the comments on his site?

  7. Bert Nowak
    April 6, 2013 at 10:27 am

    Dean Clifford famous up here n Canada as he puts himself on the line (in jail) until they release him. His last adventure was in Feb and lasted the month. Had said 11 charges. Let him out with no charges. He proved that Sovereign is clearly real.
    He is a very good interview.
    I have been to court as a Sovereign (no insurance) and was held up till last at court and then dismissed. What makes it a fact is what makes it work. You must stand on your square, don’t be distracted by their word spells and protect yourself with know_ledge. Failures? Predator eats prey.
    Also look into this fellow and this video. Sovereign by law uncovering, constitutional flaws

    Thomas Linzey of Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) delivers the keynote address of the 31rst Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (PIELC) held at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon, February 28 through March 3, 2013. Linzey points out the folly of the traditional avenues of redress environmental law has pursued, offering a new model to return democracy to the people currently hi-jacked by a corporate friendly legal system.

    Also this lady… Queen Valahra Renita El Harre-Bey has been meeting minds with a gift.

  8. Dani Table
    April 6, 2013 at 3:04 pm

    Learn from this homeboy recently released from prison: Christopher of the Fleming family. Very honest man.

  9. John Foamhead
    April 7, 2013 at 12:47 am

    Such content gives me infogasms 😀 This info has to go “viral”; this is the real alarm clock to the matrix. Why don’t you guys go on to the Red Ice Radio?

  10. Drake Dorosh
    April 8, 2013 at 7:46 pm

    Its a great think tank conversation. I especially like the public notice/ implied consent discussion recommending registering one’s denial of consent at county records office.
    On the bank not extending anything at all but magical unlimited fraud I would disagree. If a private individual lent you money to buy a house then of course you would have to pay back the money and it is the same with banks. Banks have had the special privilege of lending based on their reserves. In the days of gold they were required to have a certain amount of gold in reserve. It is the nature of the beast to lend against deposits without actually removing credits from specific accounts but simply creating debit on the other side of the ledger up to the limit of their reserve ratio. So while one might say “I have a house as collateral, you created money out of nothing so I don’t have to pay” – the bank could have lent that amount they are allowed to debit/credit against those deposits to someone else. The total amount they can lend is about 9 to 10 times what they have on hand. This reserve ratio has never been changed since the days of gold for fear that if they went towards a one to one ratio the money supply would dry up. Similarly the rules for having collateral against loans ensures that there is value to the money that is created by lending. Again ensuring stability for the funny fiat money.
    Now it’s probably the best and most lucrative business in town but it is not without its complications. Deposits rise and fall. Withdrawals can surpass the amount of money on hand. Debts go bad. Properties (collateral) burn(s) and despite all the advantages of the reserve ratio banks still fail.

    • elly dozer
      April 27, 2013 at 6:18 am

      Oh that’s ok it’s INSURED!

      Its Still a rip off!

  11. daniel
    April 12, 2013 at 11:18 pm

    Jan, Cliff, Burt

    Thank you guys, I am very excited, very willing and very ready to have my real consent recorded in the place that counts in the artificial eyes of the state. My mind is a storm of activity since the show shortly before this one. I’ll be contacting you very soon Burt. And you as well Jan. And Cliff, thanks again for your help with the fire dept pension. Your efforts spawned some interest among a few of my fellow members however short lived. Count me in as a future active filer. I feel more empowered than ever. Period. This is very important


  12. Dan Rosli
    April 15, 2013 at 4:52 pm

    Hey Guys,

    I have a question about public notice. According to this article
    the gao hasn’t given public notice to 35 percent of new regulations from 2003 to 2010. Does that make those regulation/rules/laws null and void?

    Is that the case for any law that isn’t enacted with a prior proper public notice?



    • elly dozer
      April 27, 2013 at 6:19 am

      Yes. And yes.
      But don’t take my word for it, the discovery of truth is all on you.

    April 27, 2013 at 2:14 pm


    Where did you get the meaning that you give for “abracadabra”?
    What do you think of John Allegro’s proposal that this word comes from the Aramaic phrase for “our father who is in heaven”? He proposes this in The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross but I cannot remember where exactly so I cannot give the phrase itself.


    • Jan Irvin
      April 27, 2013 at 3:13 pm

      Didn’t I already answer you the other day? Essentially what he’s saying is the same thing..but with the wording of the mushroom .but if you just look in, say the Oxford English Dictionary and you should be able add 2 + 2.

      From Oxford OED:

      abecedarian, a. and n.


      Also 7 ABCDarian; 8 abcedarian.

      [f. med.L. abecedāri-us (see abecedary) + -an.]

      A.A adj.

      1.A.1 Of or pertaining to the alphabet; marked with the alphabet; arranged in alphabetical order, as abecedarian psalms, like the 119th.

      2.A.2 Occupied in learning the alphabet, or pertaining to one so occupied.

      B.B n. [The adj. used elliptically.]

      1.B.1 One occupied in learning the alphabet. In U.S. the regular school term.

      2.B.2 One engaged in teaching the alphabet and merest rudiments of instruction.


      [ab-ruh-kuh-dab-ruh] Show IPA
      a mystical word or expression used in incantations, on amulets, etc., as a magical means of warding off misfortune, harm, or illness.
      any charm or incantation using nonsensical or supposedly magical words.
      meaningless talk; gibberish; nonsense.
      1690–1700; < Late Latin, probably < Late Greek, perhaps reflecting recitation of the initial letters of the alphabet; cf. abecedary

      See also episode 2 with Jose Barrera.

      From John Allegro:

      They possessed many such formulae as “abracadabra”, and having
      pride of place above all their secret knowledge were the names of the
      demons. Only when each soul knew such names and could thus control
      their power, could repeat the holy formulae and display the right
      symbol, and were anointed (i.e. “christened”) with a holy oil, could he
      find his way to the seventh heaven, the kingdom of light. Thus, a
      principal feature of Gnosticism was the transmission to one another in
      strictest secrecy doctrines about the being, nature, names, and symbols
      of the Seven Demons or Angels who would otherwise bar their way to
      achieving the ultimate goal.
      John Allegro – SMC pg. 161

  14. Craig Bickford
    March 21, 2014 at 3:54 pm

    Wow great interview! I have been catching up on this podcast after finding it recently, and I have to say these podcasts with Bert and Clint are great. I have learned so much about the law that I never knew or suspected, and I’m actually interested in learning more. I’ll have to balance this with my Trivium learning I have begun. Anyway great job guys, thanks.

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