How to Identify and Remove Facebook Trolls, Gang-Stalkers, and Disinfo Agents


How to Identify and Remove Facebook Trolls, Gang-Stalkers, and Disinfo Agents

By Jan Irvin

Dec. 16, 2014


Have you ever had someone post on a thread you created who is mean to everyone trying to have a conversation - name calling and ridiculing, or just plain lying about the information? Have you ever had someone who contacts everyone on your friends list and tells them lies about you? Have you ever had someone who just about every time you post a new thread they’re the first to reply - posting nonsense, or attacks? Have you ever had someone make repeated comments to a thread while never seeming to stay on topic?

If you can say yes to any of the above questions, you’re likely a victim of paid online cyber-bullying: trolls, gang-stalkers, and counterintelligence agents.

After going through many hundreds of friend requests each month on Facebook I've learned to spot many, not all, but many paid cyber-trolls, gang-stalkers, and counterintelligence agents. I've decided to share this information with the public to help you identify them as well, if you too are experiencing the problem. Even if you aren't, the tools here will be useful to you and your friends to help identify these potentially unsavory types in the future.

The more Facebook and internet users learn to identify paid trolls, gang-stalkers and counterintelligence agents, the less we all have to deal with them.

By exposing and sharing their methods we make them impotent and ineffectual.

In this day and age of high technology it’s important that we all realize the reality of, and learn to identify, expose, and stop, cyber-bullies, trolls and counterintelligence agents – for many reasons:

Trolls, cyber-bullies and counterintelligence agents waste billions of your tax dollars to intentionally mislead you on serious public matters.

Trolls, cyber-bullies and counterintelligence agents waste huge amounts of your time in productivity, etc.

Learning to identify trolls, cyber-bullies and counterintelligence agents, and expose them, we lessen their cost and impact on the rest of society.

By exposing trolls, cyber-bullies, and counterintelligence agents, we also expose their misinformation and attempts to mislead us where correct information for proper decision making is of great importance to everyone.

While this article focuses specifically with Facebook, many of the tools provided here will be relevant across the internet: on Youtube, Twitter, internet forums, news feeds, etc. Please share this article with everyone you know so that we may all benefit and prosper by the identification, and especially removal, of these counterintelligence infestations.

At the end of this short article I provide additional study materials on trolls, gang-stalkers, and counterintelligence agents, et al., for your continued study.


The basic psychology of the paid internet troll, gang-stalker and counterintelligence agent is essentially of someone who gets off on kicking over sand castles and trying to destroy what others build. They’re psychopaths and pseudo-psychopaths (-someone under the influence of a psychopath), and, surprisingly, they’re quite often paid for misleading others online.

Most trolls and counterintelligence agents seemingly have no talent or ability of their own, or at least they haven't fostered any - but lying, cheating, and misleading – and various other forms of sophism. Often because of their lack of talent or ability, as with most socialists, they take jobs with the government. They live off the backs of others who create and do hard work. But their psychopathology leads them to think that they're doing good by manipulating, rather than uplifting, “the herd,” hence trolls and counterintelligence types are more often than not paid by governments. Some also work for the “private sector”.


There are many ways to help you identify trolls and other government employee unsavory types:

1) When you receive a friend request check to see if the person has a history. Did they create the account yesterday, or in 2007? Or someplace in between? You may check this on the right side of their user profile. If their account was created very recently, it's likely a troll. If it was created this year and also has the below signs, you're almost assuredly dealing with a paid troll.

Note: Often you may have to first approve the friend request before you may see the details of their account. Afterword, if you identify them as a troll/counterintelligence type, you may immediately "unfriend" them.

2) Do you have any friends that you personally know who also have them as friends? Check the mutual friends on the left.

3) Many trolls and cyber-agents will use loads of those cheesy, thoughtless, cliché images - the ones with all those cheesy New Age, Vegan, environmental (and many other) quotes and all.

4) Most trolls and cyber-agents will NOT have any personal or family photos. If they do have what appear to be family photos, check their upload history (they should not be all in one day, etc) and make sure that they show consistent places, dates, events, people, etc., and that places, dates, events and people match up.

5) On their walls, trolls, gang-stalkers, cyber-counter intelligence agents typically don't write anything on their posts. They'll very often post only the above mentioned cheesy images with no words or comments. If they do comment, it's very brief - only a few words. If you see long, thoughtful, original, well thought out comments, it's likely not a troll or counterintelligence agent, at least not a low level one anyway.

6) Many trolls and gang-stalkers friend each other and their friends will often have similar type profiles.

7) Sometimes looking for Hermetic, Kabbalistic, Crowleyan, and other forms of occult and Masonic type symbolism helps to spot trolls and counterintelligence agents. This is because “intelligence” is all about the “occult,” so these types often show off their knowledge of the occult like some high school girl seeking provisional self-esteem. Such symbolism is often in the top banner on their wall, or in their avatar.  Sometimes the symbolism may be associated to specific geographical regions and countries. For example: an Israeli counterintelligence agent might use an occulted Star of David.

Troll, gang-stalker, and counterintelligence agent interactive online tactics include:

1) Being the first poster on a new thread, and will typically post up irrelevant information, or snide comments to prevent others from commenting or following the thread.

2) Comments will typically avoid any data or material actually presented - at all costs. Trolls, cyber-bullies, and counterintel agents will nearly never say anything intelligent about the material itself. Like telemarketers, it's not about original thought, so they stick to a script - what I call "Sticking with Stupid". Their script says name call, ridicule, lie, etc, but it doesn't say consider any fact or comment you've raised rationally. These types are usually under-educated, often high school drop outs or university students (or at least seem so). Most of them have socialist leanings. But be careful. We've seen some who were Harvard educated.

3) Scripted comments will typically attack the presenter with name calling, ridicule, and other fallacious attacks, or just any bit of irrelevant nonsense. Often they seem incapable of even the slightest bit of critical thinking.

Learning and memorizing the trivium method and the logical fallacies is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your family. See

4) Many will try to befriend you, and then when you present information they'll try to distort what it actually says, or try to make you feel stupid for thinking it - even if the facts are right in front of you.

5) Gang-stalkers and cyber-bully agents will often harass other members on your friends-list. They may send your friends direct messages, name call at them, talk shit behind your back – such as try to win them over with some made-up lie that they’re spreading about you or your work.

6) Trolls and counterintelligence agents will often try to keep you in the conversation, pretending that they really care. The more posts, the more they get paid.

Be careful also not to confuse a useful/willful idiot with a real troll / counter intel agent. We’ve all been willful idiots at one point or another. A willful idiot, usually within 15 to 20 posts, will often begin to consider your information rationally and will actually study it and comment on it - constructively. Look for cognitive dissonance before giving them the ultimate ban.

7) Counterintelligence agents, trolls, and cyber-bullies, love to hide amongst those who’re misinformed so that they can continue to mislead them – and it gives them a cover - hiding in plain sight. Again, it’s a psychopathology and provisional self-esteem issue, their own and the victim’s - which they love to prey on.

What can you do?

1) The first line of defense is checking each friend request over carefully before you add them. If you find too many of the above signs, or sometimes even one of them, it's likely that the person is a paid troll / gang-stalker / or counterintelligence type.

2) Spread this article! The more who know this information, the less we’ll all have to deal with it.

3) If you've mistakenly added someone whom you think is a troll or counter intel / disinfo agent, you may test them. When you bring up information do they avoid the topic? Do they name call or ridicule you or your friends? Do they harass you and other members? Are they always the first to post or comment?

4) Create categories of friends. Name one as trolls / disinfo types and then tag people in that category that you're unsure of. You can add them to that list as you test them, or just ban them all together.

5) Let others know that you think someone is a troll or counterintelligence agent. But be careful. Sometimes you may just let your other friends know privately to block someone you’ve identified as a troll. But if you post up the troll’s personal information, they can come back at you.

6) Study the trivium method. By learning the trivium method you can learn the tricks that are being used against you and protect you and yours. My website is dedicated to providing this information for free, but your donations are encouraged!

7) Get informed. Learn as much as you can about the reality of these disinformation types - often paid for by your and other governments. Here are several websites and videos to help you get started.


Internet Trolls Are Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Sadists: Trolls will lie, exaggerate, and offend to get a response. Published on September 18, 2014 by Jennifer Golbeck, Ph.D. in Your Online Secrets:

How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations:

Gang Stalking and Harassment:

The Gentleman's Guide To Forum Spies (spooks, feds, etc.)

How to spot an Online Troll:


Government Spies & Internet Trolls: What you should KNOW!

How the Government Manipulates Your Thoughts Online | Big Brother Watch

Of course after this post is made, the online counterintelligence / troll / cyber-bully / gang stalker community will begin to update their tactics, and we can update this list.

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  1. Craig Bickford
    December 16, 2014 at 2:21 pm

    Excellent tutorial!

  2. Paul Short
    December 31, 2014 at 1:24 pm

    Also, if you’re hesitant to unfriend or block someone who meets some of the criteria Jan mentioned in his article, a telltale sign that you made the right decision with the block is that the disinfo agent will cry fown and go off crying about censorship and free speech.

    Victimizing while claiming perpetual victimhood is a matter of protocol with them 😉

    • Paul Short
      December 31, 2014 at 1:25 pm

      …will cry *fowl* not fown. 🙁

    • December 31, 2014 at 10:45 pm

      Good point.

    • Sleek Minister
      April 27, 2015 at 3:24 pm

      Why? Because you say it is? How about no? Innocence more than suffices for that scenario. We still live by In dubio, pro reo, don’t we? …so it’s by no means a “good point” without the “cry fowl”-anecdote, and the vague punch to-Them, like complaining was wrong from the outset, now, all of a sudden. No, I’m not going to be the one to say hunger is a charismatic trait of character, but how’s about this proposition, boys and girls:

      Censoring is an act of aggression that in the live world is done either with a stern look, a loud voice, a derogatory term, or a cold shoulder, atleast after a wave of the hand was enough, all of which contains an emotional quotient of disappointment, which you just don’t get online, leaving you without directrion – or momentum, unless you have a frigging discussion, in which the oppurtunity to vent doth usually tend to arise naturally. It takes time and experience to work up a vocabulary of insults. Where will they get the practice now that TV-news has gotten believable again, in a very wrong and too real sense? Thinking you’ve helped reality by “tidying” up in your little FB-window is beyond inane. Don’t do it, if you can help it. Look at the word, for crying out loud; it meant first ‘one who expresses an opinion’. _One_ who expresses.. As in -or, or gold. It’s a dead, bronze age myth. What you’re doing is nooot censoring, when you delete spammers and punks without a warning. Not unless you give ’em a sporting chance, like in the good, old heydays.

      As a general rule, you ought to censor people who are beyond reproach, mmkay, and I don’t care how many chances you give the fool donkey breeders, as long as it’s more than two, and less than seven. In a healthy exchange of information, there’s atleast an introduction, as in gaining recognition a dialogue hath been established, there’s support, as in sparring, quibbling and mirroring, and then there’s the inevitable transfer. Bid, visual, deal. If they’re not game, well then.. If they are.. Play on, player.

      «One for the money, two for the show, one for the honey, now, go cat, go!»

  3. RogerArno
    January 4, 2015 at 11:38 am

    A slightly different angle. From 2007, but a very interesting technique.

    “If you make a comment on an article posted at SFGate, and if the site moderators then subsequently delete your comment for whatever reason, it will only appear as deleted to the other readers. HOWEVER, your comment will NOT appear to be deleted if viewed from your own computer! The Chronicle’s goal is to trick deleted commenters into not knowing their comments were in fact deleted. I’ll give evidence below showing how they do this.”

  4. January 31, 2015 at 11:36 am

    Are you a socialist, psychopath, or loser? Do you enjoy kicking over sand castles and doing absolutely nothing productive with your life? Are you insecure and do you enjoy lying to and manipulating others? You too can be a paid online troll:

  5. March 30, 2015 at 2:48 pm
  6. Sleek Minister
    April 27, 2015 at 2:40 pm
  7. nomoreheroicdoses
    May 2, 2015 at 3:33 pm

    Funny that Greenwald, one of the most famous and fatuous trolls, ham-fisted sock-puppeteers and bullies that ever there was, with his benevolent backer the illustrious Omidyar, is providing such interesting and, ah, colorful slides.
    I feel very special to be privvy to these closely guarded state secrets.
    What a douche, with his phony info-disinfo-info-disinfo-tel-pro.
    The irony is somewhat painful.

    And it’s ‘cry foul’ not fowl. Sheesh.

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