An Interview with Michael Adams – “Curing MS with the Paleo Diet” – #181



This episode is an interview with Michael Adams, titled “Curing MS with the Paleo Diet” and is being released on Saturday, October 26, 2013. This interview with Mike was recorded Monday, October 21, 2013.

Michael was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) on August 16, 2009. This was after having a major exacerbation: a 5 day stay in the hospital, MRIs on his brain and spine, and finally a spinal tap which came back positive for MS. He spent the next 6 month mostly in bed with the need of assistance, a wheelchair and/or cane. During this time he lost his job, bank account, car and most of his worldly possessions. While waiting two and half years for disability he was exposed to dozen of drugs – supposedly to help prevent another relapse and manage the pain and side effects – with no improvement!
Finally, in the beginning of 2012 he received his disability and began to fight his MS through nutrition; an idea he got from the internet and medical professionals who were diagnosed with MS and gave up on modern medicine and found improvement through diet and nutrition – mostly through the paleo diet. He removed the wheat, tainted dairy products, and processed foods from his diet; avoided GMOs as much as possible, and consumed only grass fed, hormone free beef, eggs and butter. He also added salt to his diet, plus the assistance of a few supplements (i.e. MCT oil). He’s been able to get rid the wheelchair and the cane. He’s completely off of all medications since beginning of this year and is now able to take care of his two-year old son the majority of the week. He now works part-time, and most importantly, he says, he has hope.

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    Great Show. Wanted to share some Paleo podcasts that have talked about MS also ,,,, ,,,… These podcasts have Greatly expanded my knowledge on this subject. hope people check em out.

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