The Ultimate History Lesson with John Taylor Gatto

Hi all, this is Jan Irvin, and I want to tell you about a special fundraiser we’re doing, and to do so, I’ll start with what you get, and then I’ll get to why we’re doing this. We’re talking about The Ultimate History Lesson: A Weekend with John Taylor Gatto DVD set, which includes more than 5 hours of mind-blowing content revealing how the American public school system was infiltrated, and how American values were switched from Freedom and Liberty to Profit and Plunder. In addition to the 4 disc set containing over 200 footnotes and references, you'll also receive 4 additional bonus items when you use the "GNOSTICMEDIA" coupon code when ordering. That’s more than $140 of value, for only $55 + shipping and handling; now let me explain why we’re doing this. Tragedy and Hope, the producers of The Ultimate History Lesson, are conducting this fundraising efforts, donating $15 of each sale of The Ultimate History Lesson to Gnostic Media, helping to fund the show you’re currently listening to... a portion of each sale also goes to John Taylor Gatto, to help expedite his recovery from his recent stroke, and to inspire him to continue to produce his educational projects. What you get, is simply priceless, as The Ultimate History Lesson is really a transfer of your inheritance, your birthright, as John calls it… it’s a key to unlock the door, to a room which contains all that had to be hidden from you, in order to control your mind. To free your mind, simply click on The Ultimate History Lesson banner on and use the "GNOSTICMEDIA" coupon code when ordering to get the Research Bonus Pack, $140 value for only $55 + s/h. Thank you for your support!

The Ultimate History Lesson with John Taylor Gatto, by Richard Andrew Grove and Tragedy & Hope.

Patriot Bonus Pack:
Research Bonus Pack:

This is a special bonus pack designed for FUNDRAISING, created for INDEPENDENT MEDIA HOSTS partnered with Tragedy and Hope dot com, and available only to the audiences of media hosts who offer a COUPON CODE for purchase. If you purchase without applying your COUPON CODE, you will only receive the DVD set or Blu Ray disc, without the bonus selections as described below.

Patriot Bonus Pack Contents and Instructions for Ordering:

Simply select which version of The Ultimate History Lesson (on 4-DVDs or 1-Blu Ray disc), add to cart, enter in your COUPON CODE "GNOSTICMEDIA" (then click “apply”), and we’ll include the following for FREE; since you’re helping out a fellow independent media producer and/or host:

1. A 2-Month Trial Subscription to the Tragedy and Hope online community ($30)

2. A copy of The Ultimate History Lesson on mp3-DVD, over 16+ hours, including commentary and analysis ($15)

3. 2 other DVDs selected from the Tragedy and Hope film catalog, “20/20 Hindsight: CENSORSHIP on the Frontline / A Wall Street Whistleblower Proves That Money Never Sleeps ($25) and “What You’ve Been Missing: Exposing the Noble Lie” ($15)

That’s over $140 of value, including The Ultimate History Lesson and the Patriot Bonus Pack discs, for only $55 + shipping; and out of that $15 per sale goes to the Host whose COUPON CODE you used, a portion goes to John Taylor Gatto, and we’re donating the extra discs to inspire you to overcome apathy and take action- a “sacrifice” which benefits you, your favorite media host, John Taylor Gatto, and everyone who encounters fruits of The Ultimate History Lesson in its many forms.

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