Monthly Archives: November 2016

UnSpun 047 – “#Pizzagate Essential Update: NY Times, Podestas, Olson Twins, Miley Cyrus, Amanda Kleinman”

Aired November 29-30 2016. Joe Atwill and Jan Irvin continue to discuss Pizzagate, covering new evidence and connections, as well as the Lame Stream Media’s (a.k.a. Fake News) cover-up of the scandal. Audio only version: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:02:08 — 56.9MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Android | RSS

UnSpun 046 – “Pizzagate”

Aired November 22-23 2016. Joe Atwill and Jan Irvin discuss the highly important and disturbing topic, Pizzagate, and the revealing of apparent Whitehouse and DNC connected pedophilia, recalling the days of the Franklin Cover-up. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:02:17 — 57.0MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Android | RSS

UnSpun 045 – “The Insider – An Interview with Robert Forte”

Aired November 15-16 2016. Long time psychedelic insider Robert Forte joins Joe Atwill and Jan Irvin to discuss Jan and Joe’s research into MKULTRA and the Counterculture. Bob Forte was the last to interview, R. Gordon Wasson, Mirca Eliade, and others, and has played an intricate roll within the psychedelic community. Audio only version:…