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Dr. Martin Ball interview, pt. 2 – “BEYOND Terence McKenna, 2012, and other New Age Myths” – #154


This episode is an interview with Dr. Martin Ball, part 2, titled “BEYOND Terence McKenna, 2012, and other New Age Myths” and is being released on Monday, October 29, 2012. My interview with Martin was recorded on October 24, 2012. Martin W. Ball, Ph.D., is an independent entheogenic researcher, writer, novelist, and musician. His fiction…

Vinny Eastwood interviews Jan Irvin


Vinny’s NUTShell: Jan Irvin This show makes me feel stupid and enlightened at the same time. Jan Irvin is an author and critical thinker to rival any other, his discovery and dispensing of the Trivium. It’s meant to give people the power to figure out what is true from what is fiction in any…

Will Durant – “The Story of Philosophy – Plato”


This is the audio version of Chapter 01 from Will Durants Story of Philosophy – Plato. Understanding Plato is essential to understanding current social programs, eugenics, vegetarianism, and how they operate and how they’re geared toward an elitist utopia. Links: Order: WikiPedia:               Podcast (slavesanonymousshow): Play…