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Unplugged Mom interviews Jan Irvin and Jarett Sanchez – 2 for 1


Original show notes on Unplugged Mom: The Trivium: The Concept and the Practical Application By Laurette Lynn on Aug 22, 2011 Unplugged Mom Podcast brings you an exploration and introduction to the Trivium Maybe you’ve heard the term “Teaching with the Trivium” or something similar but you’re just not quite sure what it means,…

Red Ice Radio interviews Jan Irvin


Jan Irvin – Trivium Education August 18, 2011 Jan Irvin runs, he is the author of “The Holy Mushroom” and “Astrotheology & Shamanism”. He is also behind the DVD “The Pharmacratic Inquisition”. Jan is with us to discuss a new aspect of his work and research called “The Trivium”. Grammar, logic, and rhetoric are…

Clint Richardson interviews Jan Irvin for TME radio


My interview with Clint Richardson from Corporation Nation, with Dale Williams co-hosting, on The Micro Effect Radio, titled: The Story Behind Jan Irvin. The radio website: Clint for President: Clint Richardson’s blog: My interview with Clint from January 2011 (Gnostic Media episode #101 – archive members only): The Great Pension Fund…