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The Trivium – How to Free Your Mind – Jan Irvin at the Free Your Mind conference – 04-10-11


OR you may watch it from THIS camera angle (otherwise both are the same): This is my lecture on the foundations of mind control and freeing yourself through the trivium method of the classical 7 Liberal Arts. For more information on the trivium method, please see For other interviews, lectures and videos from Jan…

ASTROTHEOLOGY & SHAMANISM, A review by Gerrit J. Keizer


Review of the Second Edition With Colour Illustrations of ASTROTHEOLOGY & SHAMANISM: Christianity’s Pagan Roots. A Revolutionary Reinterpretation of the Evidence, by Jan R. Irvin and Andrew Rutajit (Gnostic Media, 2009). By Gerrit J. Keizer, clinical psychologist, mycologist and forest ecologist. Neede, The Netherlands (April 2011).   In general, the second edition has substantially been…