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Prof. Shlomo Sand interview – “Zionism (and anti-Semitism) is Stupid” – #070


This show is titled “Zionism (and anti-Semitism) is Stupid” and is being released on Monday, March 22, 2010. My interview with Prof. Shlomo Sand was recorded on March 03, 2010. This is yet another Gnostic Media controversial interview with Professor Shlomo Sand. Shlomo is currently Professor of History at Tel Aviv University in Israel; and…

Peace Revolution 004: Exploring Media and Educating Ourselves to Live vs. Amusing Ourselves to Death


This episode is hosted by James Corbett ( joined by James Evan Pilato ( and Richard Grove ( to discuss Media: Who created it, What it is, When it began, Where its going, Why its important- and How we can shape it in our image. It’s an overview of the history of media, its various…