Monthly Archives: August 2009

Chris Conrad interview – “Hemp, Lifeline to the Future” – #040


Chris Conrad Author, internationally recognized spokesperson, and court-qualified expert on Cannabis Hemp (Marijuana) Internationally known expert on the history, medical, social, economic and ecological aspects of Cannabis hemp. Chris is author of four groundbreaking books and author of the booklet Cannabis Yields and Dosage. He advocates full restoration of industrial hemp, medical marijuana with a…

Jan Irvin with Richard Grove and Lisa Arbercheski – “Healthcare, U.S. vs Peru” – #037


Today instead of the usual interview format, I’ll be speaking with Richard Andrew Grove and Lisa Arbercheski of 8thestate media and Tragedy and Hope magazine about my trip to Peru, my experience with the medical system there, and some brief, and sometimes not as in depth as they could be, comparisons regarding our two cultures.…