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Alan Piper interview – “Ancient European and Middle Eastern Drug Use, – Pt. 1″ – #030

Alan _ Carl Cuenca 2008_crop_sm

What evidence is there of Amanita muscaria mushroom and other drug use in Afghanistan? Did the Sufi employ psychoactive substances? What are the Moroccan goat men? Is there a possible link between intoxicating sacramental use of milk and Mohammed’s landmark visionary experience through the seven heavens? How does the new evidence of prehistoric mushroom use…

Wolfgang Bauer interview- “Amanita muscaria – The Fly Mushroom” – #029


Today we’ll be discussing Amanita muscaria – the Fly-agaric mushroom. Why is Amanita so prevalent in folkloric, mythical and religious iconography? Why do Amanita mushrooms seem less ergonomic than other entheogens, and if they are less ergonomic, could they have played as prevalent a role in these ancient religions as modern scholars claim? Is there…