Monthly Archives: March 2009

Dr. Brian Akers interview – “Sacred Mushrooms of Mexico” – #024


Today’s guest is Dr. Brian Akers the author of The Sacred Mushrooms of Mexico. What were the mushroom traditions of ancient Mexico? Was there just one “mushroom cult”? Or were there diverse practices spread across many cultures? What were some of Gordon Wasson’s most important contributions to ethnomycology? What is the importance of the mystic,…

Prof. Michael Winkelman interview – “Religious Evolution” – #022


Today’s guest is Prof. Michael Winkelman from Arizona State University. Are ritual and religion a part of human evolution? What are the benefits that religion and ritual provide humanity and society? Do other animals other than humans utilize ritualistic behavior? What part do psychedelic drugs play in human evolution? Has mankind outgrown any advantages in…

Prof. Em. Thomas Roberts interview – “Psychedelic Horizons” – #020


Do psychedelic drugs have the ability to increase or expand intelligence? What is the difference between multi-state versus single-state intelligence? Why is it important to think about thinking; and what is placebo ability? Thomas B. Roberts (Ph.D. Stanford) investigates mindbody states for the leads they provide for learning, cognition, intelligence, creativity, mental health, psychological processes,…